Our Classic Tours are designed to get you to all the 'must see' areas of Wadi Rum over one full day & an optional overnight stay.

  • They start in the morning (9-10am) and finish in the afternoon (approx 4pm). Or after sunset (time varies year round), As long as you have time to stay for that

  • All these tours are very flexible and can be taken as a one day tour with or without an overnight stay, Or they can be combined to make longer multiple day & night programs

  • All these tours can be tailored to suit your tastes, interests, and fitness level

  • The Jeep Tour covers the most ground in the most famous areas & 'sites' of Wadi Rum

  • The Hiking Tours are more off the beaten track. The focus is removed from the 'sites' and onto one mountain in the morning, with an easy hike & drive in the afternoon

  • The Camel Trek follows the most famous/most filmed valley in Wadi Rum; from the village to our Camp, visiting various key sites along the way

Our most popular tour

This jeep tour is a flexible and fun tour for all ages. If you are an active person, there are many opportunities for climbing, hiking and show jumping. If you prefer a quieter nature, you can sit and enjoy the view, walk around, take photos and explore the area in your own way. This jeep tour covers the best and most interesting “places” of Wadi Rum and can be expanded with a camel ride or additional excursions.

Full Day Jeep Tour

Desert Special Tours

Um Ad Dami & White Desert

Heavens & Beyond Hiking Tour:

This Hiking & Scrambling Tour is for the adventurous, active person. This scramble/hike gets up close and personal with the rock formations of Wadi Rum. The hike & scramble up to the Burdah Arch is lots of fun, but you need a head for heights. This is a great way to combine driving through the most famous areas of Wadi Rum, but also seeing something not everyone else sees or does! The Burdah Arch hike can be combined with the Full Day Jeep Tour in 1 day, especially in the longer days of Spring - Summer - Early Autumn.

Burdah Arch & Afternoon Desert Hike

Secret Places, Windy Heights Hiking Tour:

This Hiking Tour takes you to the quieter areas of Wadi Rum where there are less tourists. The hike rewards with fantastic views across the desert, and a glimpse into Saudi Arabia. The afternoon is spent exploring the quiet & beautiful white desert on foot and by Jeep. This tour is ideal for people of moderate fitness who prefer to escape the more 'touristy' areas of Wadi Rum. It can also be combined with the Full Day Jeep Tour to make a comprehensive 2 day, 1/2 night tour.