1. What is the meeting point for the tours?

The meeting point for our tours is the parking lot for the Wadi Rum Rest House. The parking lot is the first thing you will see on your right when you reach the Rum Village. You can see this location in the map on the right. This parking lot is meant for guests, so if you are driving your own vehicle you can leave it here for the duration of your tour. The Rum Village is 7.5 km from the Wadi Rum Visitor Center. When you pass by the Wadi Rum Visitor Center, you will have to pay the entrance fees to the Wadi Rum Protected Area (5 JD per person) or show your Jordan Pass to enter free of charge. When you arrive, just remember the name of our tour agency (Wadi Rum Nature Tours) or my name (Radi) and we will find you when you arrive.

If you arranged your own taxi to Wadi Rum, tell the driver to bring you to the Wadi Rum Rest House.

If you are arriving in Wadi Rum on the morning tourist bus from Petra, the bus will stop at the Wadi Rum Rest House after it stops at the Wadi Rum Visitor Center.

2. Taxis and Prices

If you are wondering how to reach Wadi Rum, the easiest way is to ask us to arrange a taxi for you. The taxis we arrange most frequently are from Aqaba and Petra (Wadi Musa).

Taxis from Aqaba to Wadi Rum are 25 JD from the city center, 30 JD from the resorts to the south of Aqaba, 35 JD from the airport and port, and 37.5 JD from the Wadi Araba Border Crossing. The journey from Aqaba to Wadi Rum is approximately 1 hour.

Taxis from Petra (Wadi Musa) are 40 JD. The journey from Petra to Wadi Rum is approximately 2 hours.

If you are planning to arrive in Wadi Rum from a different locations (Amman, Madaba, etc.) please send us a message and we will provide you with the price right away.

If you would like us to arrange a taxi to being you to Wadi Rum, please let us know the time and place that you would like to be picked up. For a morning arrival, we recommend a pick up time of 8:00 AM from both Aqaba and Petra.

If you would like us to arrange a taxi after your tour, simply let us know where you would like to go and we will arrange everything with the drivers.

3. Public Transportation

There are not many public transportation options between Wadi Rum and other nearby tourist attractions.

If you are coming to Wadi Rum from Petra in the morning, there is a tourist bus that leaves Petra each morning before 7:00 AM and reaches Wadi Rum between 8:30 and 9:00 AM every day. This is a good time to arrive in Wadi Rum to start one of our tours. This same bus leaves Wadi Rum around 9:00 AM and goes back to Petra. The cost of this bus is 10 JD per person.

If you are planning to come to Wadi Rum on this bus, you should contact your accommodation in Petra to reserve a seat. If you are planning to go from Wadi Rum to Petra on this bus, please let us know so that we can make sure there will be seats available for you.

If you are planning to go from Wadi Rum to Aqaba, there is a local minibus that goes to Aqaba each morning before 7:00 AM. If you would like to take this bus, please let us know in advance as we will need to bring you back to the village a couple of hours early. This same bus returns to Wadi Rum mid-afternoon.

Please note that the JETT Bus service that travels between other popular destinations in Jordan does not operate any regular routes to or from Wadi Rum.

4. What are the bathroom facilities like at Wadi Rum Nature Tours & Camp?

At our camp, we have a shared bathroom facility. The bathroom has four western toilets and two showers. Hot water is available 24/7.

We do not have any private tents with an en-suite bathroom.

5. Is it possible to arrive in the afternoon and do the tour the next day?

Yes, many of our guests decide to come to Wadi Rum in the afternoon or evening and then do their tour the following day. For an afternoon arrival, we prefer that our guests arrive before 5:00 PM. This will give you enough time to reach the camp and settle in before dinner is served around 6:00 PM. If you are planning to visit Wadi Rum during the summer months, we can accommodate arrivals past 5:00 PM as the days are longer.

6. Can we add a camel ride to our tour?

Yes, it is possible to include a camel ride with any of our tours. The price is 15 JD per person per hour. Each guest will get their own camel and they will travel with their guide who will have his own camel.

One popular option is to ride a camel from our camp back to the village in the morning or ride a camel from the village to the camp if you are planning to arrive in the afternoon. The journey is 10 km and takes approximately 2 hours. The price is 30 JD per person. If you are returning to the village by camel in the morning, you will arrive in the village around 10:00 AM. If you would like to ride camels to the camp when you arrive in the afternoon, you must arrive at 2:30 PM or earlier in order to finish the camel ride before sunset.

7. Is it possible to have a tour guide that speaks Spanish, French, Italian, German, etc?

At the moment we are able to arrange our tours in English in Spanish however once you arrive in Wadi Rum, the guides can speak only English and Arabic. If you are concerned about the language barrier, there is no need to worry. Our guides are experienced in guiding guests from all over the world with a wide range of English proficiency.

8. We will depart Wadi RUm after sunset. Is it a problem to drive after dark?

There is nothing special about Southern Jordan that makes it a difficult place to drive after dark. The roads are in good condition and many parts of the highway are lighted after sunset. However, like anywhere else in the world, it is important to be more careful at night. The roads are well-signed in both English and Arabic so you shouldn’t have any trouble reaching your destination at any time of day.

9. What will the weather be like in Wadi Rum?

Guests are often curious about the weather conditions in Wadi Rum in order to decide on their sleeping arrangements or in order to know how to dress. It is important to dress appropriately for the weather conditions so that you can be comfortable during your tour.

  • January - 15°C (Day) / 5°C (Night)

  • February - 15°C (Day) / 5°C (Night)

  • March - 20°C (Day) / 5°C (Night)

  • April - 25°C (Day) / 10°C (Night)

  • May - 30°C (Day) / 15°C (Night)

  • June - 30°C (Day) / 20°C (Night)

  • July - 35°C (Day) / 20°C (Night)

  • August - 35°C (Day) / 20°C (Night)

  • September - 30°C (Day) / 20°C (Night)

  • October - 25°C (Day) / 15°C (Night)

  • November - 20°C (Day) / 10°C (Night)

  • December- 15°C (Day) / 5°C (Night)