Our Intrepid Tours are designed for active people who want to spend more than one day exploring; to really get into the heart of Wadi Rum. The tours feature a combination of activities and levels of difficulty.

  • They start on the first day in the morning (9-10am) and usually finish on the last day in the afternoon or on the last day after breakfast.

  • All these tours are very flexible and can be extended or shortened to include extra nights/ days or to finish earlier.

  • All these tours can be tailored to suit your tastes, interests, and fitness level.

Our most popular tour

This tour Is a great way to get a taste of everything during your visit. It includes, scrambling, a Jeep tour, Pure hiking, a great view (from the highest mountain in Jordan), a Camel trek and 2 nights Bivouac Camping.The whole protected area is included in some way, and the tour can also be tweaked to include extra nights, or without a Camel trek, or with extra hiking, as you feel will suit you best.

3 Day, 2 Nights. Nature Tour

Desert SoulTours

Desert Heart

This is a great tour for people who want to take the time to explore the desert on foot, and for people who really want to escape from modern life. This tour is at the pace your feet take you, discovering the desert free from the noise of a Jeep (or Camel). The scramble up to the Burdah Arch is included. You spend each day hiking with your guide through the landscape: slowly unveiled before your eyes. The circular hike starts and finishes in Rum village. One night being spent in the Our Camp, and four nights Bivouac Camping.

Pure Hiking

This tour option is a budget option and a ECO tour. It is for nature lovers, fit, active people and those that like the simple life. The tour is very flexible and can be taken over 1 day - 3 days. It focuses on exploring the desert on foot. You are based in the Camp each night, the Jeep use is minimised and therefore the price can be kept low.


Eco Hiking Tour: 1-3 Days & Nights

5 day, 5 night Pure Hiking Tour.