Our Short Tours Tours aim to make the most of a short visit. If you are short of time these tours are for you! They are focused on the most popular sites & areas of Wadi Rum. They can include an optional overnight stay. They can be taken in the morning or afternoon, further details on the timings are detailed in the tour information.

  • All these tours are very flexible and can be taken as a short tour with or without an overnight stay, they can also be combined with a full day Jeep tour, and overnight stay, or combined to make a full day tour.

  • All these tours can be tailored to suit your tastes, interests, and fitness level.

  • The Jeep Tour covers the key areas & 'sites' of Wadi Rum.

  • The Hiking Tour focuses on a canyon, only accessed by hikers, the active, & the adventurous!

  • The Camel Trek remains in the most famous/ most filmed valley in Wadi Rum and can start or finish in the camp on request.

The Mini Jeep Tour comes in many shapes and sizes! We usually tailor the program to cater to the time you have available and where you need to start and finish the tour (i.e camp or Rum Village) . I have detailed one of the options I offer for people that starts from Rum Village and finishes in the camp. The detailed tour takes about 3 hours. Please contact us using the enquiries form if you have a different requirement for your MINI Jeep Tour.

3 Hour Jeep Tour

Mini Jeep Tour

Wadi Rum 4 Hour Jeep Tour

This tour is ideal for people with a limited timeframe but still want to really see a good portion of the Protected Area. It focuses on the most famous areas of Wadi Rum and the most fun stops like Sand Dunes and Natural Rock Bridges.