The Wadi Rum Protected Area is full of photographic opportunities – from landscapes to people, from sunsets to animals.  On the regular tours there are crowds of people, the light isn't right, or there isn't enough time to setup the right shot.  If these sound like your complaints then the Photography Tour is for you.  We hand-picked the sites and times to optimize the photographic potential.  Our guides can give you suggestions for the ideal angle, or simply leave you to find the spot that's right.  It is also a good way to mix with your fellow photographers to trade tips and tricks.  This is an all-day Jeep tour, from sunrise to sunset and later.  We can help you take your first star pictures or let you master a moon photo.  The desert night skies are fantastic.  By the end of this tour you will have improved you skills as a photographer and will be bring home some stunning pictures. The price includes one overnight in the dessert. We provide all sleeping equipment, transportation, food and guides.   70 JD Per Person Per Day. Discount for more than 2 people. 


Although it may not be obvious at first, there is plenty of life here in the Wadi Rum desert.  Light annual rainfall and a handful of natural springs is all it takes to support the fragile desert ecosystem.  In the open desert we can show you several varieties of flowers, in the canyons live figs, aspens and ferns and near the springs grow wild herbs, wild watermelon and the hanging gardens.  The plants support a network of mice, gerbils and hares and they, in turn, support the jackals, foxes, and wolves.  Most of these animals are nocturnal and are afraid of humans so we only see their footprints, however the desert fox can often be seen at night during our night tour.  One of the largest animals in the region is the beautiful Ibex, but is rarely seen.  Many birds frequent the area: from small migratory warblers to large raptors like falcons and eagle owls.  Bird watching is a popular pastime for many of our guests.  While walking around Wadi Rum you will undoubtedly see many types of tracks in the sand.  The guides can show you how to read the tracks and identify their owners.  Our Bedouin guides have lived here all there life and can show you the often over-looked wildlife and plants of Wadi Rum. The price includes one overnight in the dessert. We provide all sleeping equipment, transportation, food and guides. 70 JD Per Person. Discount for more than 2 people.