Hiking tours


Wadi Saabit: An option for serious hikers, this tour is comprised of 7 to 8 hours walking every day far from the normal tourist paths. The first day will take you along the ridge of Khasch mountain in the morning and south through the Noghra narrow valley in the afternoon. Day two brings you right along the border of Saudi Arabia and to the magnificent views of Jabel Um Adaami. Finally, the trip concludes with a trek into the heart of the red sandstone areas of Wadi rum, past the dripping well of Jabel Qatar and back home. The price includes 2 nights under the stars, meals, sleeping equipment, drivers and guides. It is suggested you bring and additional sleeping bag with you.  220 JD Per Person. Discount for more than 2 people. 

Jeep and camel tours


Jeep, hiking and camels: The tour starts with a day of driving over the sand dunes of the desert to all the infamous sites of Wadi Rum and continues with a second day of hiking to any locations we couldn't manage in the first day and a beautiful sun set view from the Rum village. Last, a day of camel riding in which you will learn how to control the camel with no guide, and see all the best valleys and views this desert has to offer. The prie includes 2 night under the stars or in our camp, all sleeping equipment, guides, camels and food. 170 JD Per Person. Discount for more than 2 people.