The ultimate tour: a holiday you will remember for the rest of your life


Day 1: From Rum village we begin the hike, traveling through the Rakebat Canyon and into the Jabel Um Ishrin mountain range. After almost 3 hours we reach the lonely valley of Wadi Um Ishrin to enjoy traditional Bedouin tea and lunch. From there, we take jeeps over the sand dunes of Um Ishrin to the Barrah Canyon, where Lawrence of Arabia's old house is located, not far away from some ancient Nebataen inscriptions.

Day 2: After a delicious breakfast we begin a scramble to the Barrdah bridge some 300 meters over the desert valley . From there we have the option of a difficult climb to the top of the mountain or to begin our decent by another spectacular route. Once back at camp, jeeps take us to the Khazali Canyon with more Nebataen and Thamudic inscriptions finishing the day with a glorious view of the sunset.

Day 3: Via Sabbagh's Road we embark on the mountainous hike to see the many views of the peaks above the Khazali Canyon. With breaks for lunch and Ibex spotting this will be a more relaxing day, as we return to camp in time to witness another unforgettable sunset.

Day 4: Start out the day with a drive to the base of the highest mountain in Jorday, Jabal Um Adaami, before hiking along an easy path on the ridge of the mountain. Here you can see the most fertile land in the Rum valley, starker than the rest of the desert, this is where the Bedouins bring their herds to feed. 

After lunch a second hike takes us 300 meters above the Saudi Arabian border far below.

Day 5: Packed lunches in hand, we venture into the No Man's Land area. This climb will involve some more serious scrambling, a mountain walk as of course more fantastic views. 

Day 6: With all the nerve you can muster this day includes the best scrambling of the trip, taking you to the top of Jabal Rum. Routes are always adjusted based on skill and experience, so this is sure to be a healthy challenge no matter the person.

Day 7: The final hike leads us back through the stoic desert valleys to the Rum village, a calming and peaceful day to end an unforgatable trip.

Cost: 90 JD Per Person Per Day. Discount for more than 2 people.
The price includes 6 nights under the stars or in our camp, guides, camels, meals, back up cars and drivers.  

The Ultimate Tour