3 Hour Jeep Tour

The Mini Jeep Tour comes in many shapes and sizes!

We usually tailor the program to cater to the time you have available, where you need to start and finish the tour (i.e Camp or Rum Village), and what your personal priorities are i.e Rock Arches or Sand Dunes or Inscriptions or similar.

Below I have detailed one of the options I offer for people that starts from Rum Village and finishes in the Camp.

This tour takes about 3 hours.

Please contact us using the Enquiries form if you have a different requirement for your MINI Jeep tour.

Day One

Once you have arrived in Wadi Rum, we will get organised and I will introduce you to your guide for the day.

When you are ready you will head into the desert by Jeep to enjoy the Mini Jeep Tour which visits the key sites & some of the most beautiful areas in Wadi Rum, at each stop you have the opportunity to hike and scramble, and explore in your own time:

  1. Lawrence Spring Walk up through rocks and boulders to find the water (and a lovely fig tree to rest under). During spring time you are greeted by the heady smell of herbs.. The view across the Wadi from here is legendary!

  2. Small Sand Dune: This Sand Dune can be climbed easily for the great view across the Wadi Rum valley. We then like to run down (some silly people like to roll down)! 10-15 minute hike

  3. Khazali Canyon This canyon was once used by the local Bedouin to rest in the shade, in the hot summer. You can easily imagine how it would have looked with Bedouin tents, families resting, drinking tea, and children playing. You can find on the canyon walls many ancient rock inscriptions (See if you can spot the inscriptions of feet, and the lady giving birth). 15 minute stroll

  4. Um Frouth Arch For some scrambling (or scrambling watching). This is a natural rock bridge, created by many years of water and wind. You can climb to the top… as long as you are not afraid of heights! 10 minute scramble

  5. Sunset We enjoy the sunset on the way to the Camp. Stopping in the Um Sabbatah Area which is widely recognised to be the best area in Wadi Rum for enjoying the sunset. Sunset

  6. To the Camp: Enjoy a delicious Bedouin dinner, the stars and the night in the desert. In the Camp we have Bedouin tents, with mattresses and blankets. We have toilets (two Western) and two showers (cold water/ sun warmed). We have a cosy main tent with a fire for sitting and relaxing in. The Camp is in the white desert in a unique and beautiful location, secluded and away from any other tourist Camps.

Day Two

In the morning after breakfast at approx 7.30am we will return to Rum Village by Jeep, for your onward journey. Usually arriving by 8.30am. This Jeep transfer is included in the price.

Prices: 3 hour Jeep Tour inc overnight stay

  • 1 person: 80JD

  • 2 people: 50JD p.p

  • 3 people: 45JD p.p

  • 4 people: 40JD p.p

  • 5+ people 35JD p.p

The 5JD p.p entrance fee is NOT included. Lunch & drinks on the tour are NOT included.

Drinks in the Camp ARE included. One night in the camp inc dinner & breakfast IS included.

No tax is payable, tips are optional, if you feel the guide has done a good job then they are welcome.

Children under 4 years: FREE

MINI Jeep tours can be tailored to start and finish in the village and to not include the overnight stay. When starting and finishing in the Rum Village the itinerary will change along with the prices.


As this Jeep Tour finishes after sunset in the Camp the start time will vary according the time of year but will be started 2-3 hours before sunset. i.e. if sunset is at 7pm this tour would start between 3-4 pm. If sunset was at 5pm this tour would need to start at between 1-2pm.


We don't charge for cancelling bookings, but we do ask you to pay for the cost of dinner (15JD p.p) if you cancel or leave at the point dinner has been prepared or already sent to the Camp.

If you are cancelling on the same day you are due to arrive we ask you do so before 12pm to prevent dinner being bought or prepared un-necessarily.

3 Hours Jeep Tour