ECO Tour - 1-3 days & nights in the Camp

PURE Hiking

This Wadi Rum hiking program is ECO friendly and budget friendly. We keep the Jeep use to a minimum and nights are spent in the camp to keep the cost low. If you enjoy hiking, like to take care of & spend time in the natural environment while on holiday then this is the tour for you!

Day One

Once you have arrived we will get organised and I will introduce you to your guide.

Then when you are ready you will begin your hike from Rum village. Visiting along the way some key sites and then heading out to spend your first night in my camp.

At each place you have the opportunity to hike, scramble, and explore in your own time & your own way:

  1. Lawrence Spring Walk up through rocks and boulders to find the water (and a lovely fig tree to rest under). During spring time you are greeted by the heady smell of herbs.. The view across the Wadi from here is legendary!

  2. Small Sand Dune The view of the Wadi Rum valley from here is excellent. You can climb up the sand dune for the wonderful view at the top. Then we like to jump off it & run down it (some silly people also like to roll down it!).

  3. Khazali Canyon This canyon was once used by the local Bedouin to rest in the shade, in the hot summer. You can easily imagine how it would have looked with Bedouin tents, families resting, drinking tea, and children playing. You can find on the canyon walls many ancient rock inscriptions (see if you can spot the inscriptions of feet, and the lady giving birth).

  4. El Qattar Spring This natural spring is set up in the mountain, and you can see what the Bedouin have done to catch the water. There is a Bedouin Graveyard and a lovely view across the valley where you have walked.

  5. To the Camp: Enjoy a delicious Bedouin dinner, the stars and the night in the desert. In the camp we have Bedouin tents (private), with mattresses and blankets. We have toilets (two Western) and two shower's (hot water). We have a cosy main tent with a fire for sitting and relaxing in. The camp is in the white desert in a unique and beautiful location, secluded and away from any other tourist camps.

Day Two

In the morning after breakfast in the camp you head East from the Camp hiking with your guide through a very beautiful and open area in which you can see the red and white deserts meeting and blending together. Over the day we will visit:

  1. Um Frouth Arch For some scrambling (or scrambling watching). This is a natural rock bridge, created by many years of water and wind. You can climb to the top… as long as you are not afraid of heights!

  2. Small Sand Dune There is a wonderful view across the red desert to the white desert from here & this is the best dune for those jumping photographs.

  3. The 'Chicken' a unique 2 legged rock in a beautiful location. We often enjoy the sunset from here as it is located in the best position for sunset viewing. As you are hiking, sunset times vary and the pace you take vary, We do not guarantee sunset from a particular place.

  4. To the Camp: As detailed above.

In the morning after breakfast in the Camp you will leave from the Camp on foot hiking with your guide through the white desert and heading West/ South West through the Wadi Rum protected area. We will visit:

  1. Harab Anta Cave This cave was lived in in the past by a man named Harab Anta. He was a very strong man, and people would travel from miles around to come to him for help in resolving their disputes. We will have some lunch here and then head back to the camp via another route so you see more desert.

  2. To the Camp: As detailed above.

Day Four

After breakfast in the camp at approx 7.30am we return to the village by Jeep for your onward journey. Usually arriving approx 8.30am.


You only need to carry a small day pack with your water, some of the lunch items, your camera. Your main luggage is taken to the camp in the afternoon with the food for dinner, and you can keep it in your tent each day.


The standard option as detailed above is 3 days & 3 nights. If you still want Pure Hiking/ECO/ Budget Tour but only have 1 or 2 days available to explore Wadi Rum you can take the program as above, except reduced to 1 or 2 days, as you need.

A 1 day hike would be the first day, as detailed above. A 2 day hike would be day 1 and 2, as detailed above. Both of these options would include the overnight stays and finish on the 2nd or 3rd day, in the morning after breakfast, as detailed above for Day 4.

When calculating the price please see below the relevant number of people in your group and look at the total per day price. You can then see how much it would be for 1 day or 2 days.


  • 1 Adult private tour

  • Bedouin Hiking guide each day, 3 x Lunch, 3 nights at the Camp (incl. Breakfast and Dinner): 80JD per day

  • Total 240JD

  • 2 Adults private tour

  • Bedouin Hiking guide each day, 3 x Lunch, 3 nights at the Camp (incl. Breakfast and Dinner): 55JD p.p per day

  • Total 330JD (165JD p.p)

  • 3 Adults private tour

  • Bedouin Hiking guide each day, 3 x Lunch, 3 nights at the Camp (incl. Breakfast and Dinner): 50JD p.p per day

  • Total 450JD (150JD p.p)

  • 4 Adults private tour

  • Bedouin Hiking guide, 3 x Lunch, 3 nights at the Camp (incl. Breakfast and Dinner): 45JD p.p per day

  • Total 540JD (135JD p.p)

  • 5 Adults private tour

  • Bedouin Hiking guide, 3 x Lunch, 3 nights at the Camp (incl. Breakfast and Dinner): 40JD p.p per day

  • Total 600JD (120JD p.p)

  • 6 Adults private tour

  • Bedouin Hiking guide, 3 x Lunch, 3 nights at the Camp (incl. Breakfast and Dinner): 35JD p.p per day

  • Total 630JD (105JD p.p)

Prices for groups of 10 persons or more, further discounts can be given. Please contact us by using the Enquiries form.

The 5JD entrance fee to Wadi Rum is NOT included. Drinks ARE included.

I provide bottled water for the duration of the Wadi Rum trip, as you need it, at lunchtime usually some kind of soft drink or juice, and plenty of Bedouin tea. We can also provide hot water (or tea without sugar) if you prefer to make your own kind or tea or coffee.

No tax is payable, tips are optional, if you feel the guide has done a good job then they are welcome.

Children under 4 years: FREE.


This tour starts on the first day at 10am from Rum Village.

On the last day after breakfast at approx 7.30am we will return to Rum Village by Jeep, for your onward journey. Usually arriving by 8.30am. This Jeep transfer is included in the price.

Day Three: