How should you prepare for your trip to Wadi Rum and your visit to Jordan?

What to pack? What are the "must have" products for your visit to Jordan? What should be on your reading list?

‪Wadi Rum Nature Tours‬ gives the low down here...

Many people ask us for advice about what to bring on their visit to Wadi Rum and to Jordan. They ask for advice about what to pack, what types of equipment they might need and so on. On this page I would like to address these questions, provide a pack list, product recommendations and even a background reading list... Insha'allah you will find this information helpful! This is a work in progress so please do give us feedback or if there is something we've missed let us know...

Packing List for Wadi Rum

  • We don't provide sheets, pillowcases or towels. We provide plenty of blankets. You are not obliged to bring sheets or towels but if you are not comfortable sleeping without, you should bring them with you.

  • If you are booked to spend the night in the camp and want to sleep outside in the camp area, please feel free to take your mattresses and blankets outside and to do so. You can ask the guides in the camp where there is a good spot if you are unsure.

  • A torch/flashlight will help you to find your way & your stuff in the night.

  • Warm comfortable clothes for sleeping. **

  • A good jacket in case of a windy or rainy day. **

  • Socks, hat and gloves. **

  • Layers so you are comfortable in the sun & the shade. This is especially important in the spring and autumn when the temperatures can be hot n the sun and cold in the shade and evenings.

  • For hikers & scramblers: light covered hiking shoes with good grip are better than heavy hiking boots.

  • A pair of flip flops/ sandals. These are useful to have at the camp to wear around, they are more comfy and easy to slip on and off as you go in and out of the tents.

  • Simple first aid kit.

  • Sun cream & sun hat.

  • Your CAMERA, full batteries, empty memory card!

**Autumn, Winter & Spring only.

Equipment/ productsWadi Rum Nature Tours‬ recommends

Waka Waka Flashlight

If you don't already have a flashlight/ torch for your trip, then I would strongly recommend a Waka Waka light. The company produces excellent quality solar powered lights, and as a bonus when you buy they donate a light to different projects in the developing world. I was given one as a gift some years ago and I was very impressed by the quality of the product.

A Sheet Sleeping Bag

A sheet sleeping bag is a good way to travel with sheets, without having to pack full sheets and a pillowcase which are bulky and heavy. Sheet sleeping bags are great for use when using Hostels and budget accommodation, as well as when camping.

I like this one which gives extra room to move, while still folding small for convenient lightweight packing.

Lightweight First Aid Kit

I like this low cost, lightweight first aid kit. There are lots of essential first aid items included. You can also add in some essential medications like paracetamol, water purification tablets etc.

A Emergency Whistle, foil blanket and light stick

Many people will go for short independent walks in the area around the camp. Taking an emergency whistle, light stick and foil blanket are good precautions to take. Getting lost is always a risk, and the camp is not that easily found if you don't know the area well. Having the emergency whistle and light stick (or similar products) with you will help us find you should an emergency arise.

Reading list for visitors to Jordan

For Adults

Seven Pillars of Wisdom - T. E Lawrence

This choice is obvious as relevant background reading, but if you have the stamina for the (at times) quite heavy text I think it is worthwhile. The tone can be a bit "superior" and condescending to Bedouin people in places, but overall his descriptions of Bedouin people (and my tribe the Heuwaitaat) are gracious and admiring. There are interesting descriptions of Wadi Rum, and his feelings about the area. Overall I think well worth the read and yes, the book is better than the film.

A Leap of Faith - Queen Noor

I think this book gives an excellent viewpoint of Jordan during the reign of the much loved King Hussein. His son Abdullah is now King of Jordan. The book is engaging to read. Important historical events are discussed without being "heavy" to read. The book also gives interesting insight to the experience of Queen Noor herself, how she was won over by the King, and how she came to the decision to marry him. Leaping into a world and life unknown to her.

Treks and Climbs in Wadi Rum, Jordan - Tony Howard

This guide book by pioneering Rock climber Tony Howard is essential reading for anyone wanting to do walking and climbing in the area of Wadi Rum. Especially if they plan to do any exploring independently, or with minimum support.

There is also a kindle version of this book: Treks and Climbs in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Greater Than a Tourist - Wadi Rum, Jordan.

This paperback is different to the usual guide books on the area, in that it is based on tips written by a local to Wadi Rum. There are lots of great ideas for activities and different ways to get more out of your visit to the area.

You can also get a e-book of the product: >Tourist - Wadi Rum, Jordan

Queen of The Desert: The Extraordinary Life of Gertrude Bell - Georgina Howell

This book is not specifically about Jordan as such, but discusses the politics and involvement of Gertrude Bell in the region and in particular, the “creation” of Iraq. This has a natural effect across the region and actors from Jordan and the Great Arab Revolt (such as Lawrence of Arabia) feature in the book. A gripping and fascinating read, offering interesting perspectives on the Middle East and the actions of the West of which the consequences are still being felt today.

Our Last Best Chance: The Pursuit of Peace in a Time of Peril - King Abdullah II of Jordan

I haven’t had the opportunity to read this book (yet), but it promises an interesting insight into Jordan from the perspective of our King.

Uneasy Lies Head The Head The Autobiograpahy Of His Majesty King Hussein I Of The Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan - King Hussein

This is a reproduction of a book published before 1923. I haven’t had the opportunity to read it yet, but I think it may have value in historical terms and for understanding where we are today.