Wadi Rum Nature Tours & Camp

We offer Two types of accommodation depending on your preferences.

Fixed Camp with Bedouin Tents


Our fixed camp is located approximately 10 km from the Wadi Rum Village. It is located in a sheltered area, tucked in close to the steep cliffs on the eastern side of Jabal Khazali. This is a quiet area in Wadi Rum and there are not many other camps nearby.

Our camp is fitted with electricity via solar panels. There is no Wi-Fi at our camp and we are outside of the range of the cell phone tower located in the village. This provides our guests with a peaceful stay away from the constant distractions of the modern world.

At our camp there are four types of buildings and tents :

  1. Large communal tent

  2. Private tents for sleeping

  3. Bathroom and shower facility

  4. Kitchen

Our private tents for sleeping can accommodate two, three, or four people. The double tents come in two varieties; tent with one double bed or tent with two single beds. Our larger tents have all single beds. These tents have proper beds for sleeping and plenty of warm blankets in case it is cold during the night. The tents have electric lighting however they do not have electrical outlets. We have outlets and adapters in our communal tent so that you can charge your electronic devices. The outer layer of the tents is made with goat hair, the material used by the Bedouins for centuries.

Our bathroom and shower facility has several stalls with showers and several with western toilets. The water is heated with solar panels. On sunny days there is plenty of hot water but please note that on overcast days and rainy days, the supply of hot water is limited. Such is life in the desert!

Please click here to see a photo gallery of our fixed camp including the inside of the sleeping tents.

When our camp is fully booked it can fit a maximum of 40 guests. This makes us one of the smaller camps, ensuring you a peaceful stay in the desert.

Please note that we have recently had some renovations completed at our camp so it is now a bit bigger than the photos show.

Communal Tent

Our large communal tent is where we serve dinner and breakfast as well as socialize in the evening. After the sunset each day we start a fire in our central fireplace and our guests drink tasty Bedouin tea before dinner. We serve dinner as a buffet, with plenty of dishes made with local ingredients. Guests are welcome to eat as much as they like.

In the morning, our guests return to the communal tent for breakfast between 7:00 and 8:00 AM. Breakfast is also served as a buffet

Camp Fire for Sleeping Under the Stars in Wadi Rum

The second option is to spend a night sleeping under the stars. We will take you far into the desert, away from the light of other camps and the village where you will be surrounded by the beauty of the desert. It is here that you will spend the night under the stars, where you can clearly see the milky way on moonless nights and a billion stars light up the desert night. We can visit several different locations if you stay for multiple nights under the stars and enjoy the night with candle light as the ancient Bedouins have done for generations. 

For sleeping, we will provide you with a mattress and several warm, heavy blankets for sleeping. Sleeping under the stars is best suited in the warmer months, but can be done at any time of the year. We often have guests sleep under the stars comfortable during the middle of winter. You are welcome to bring your own sleeping bag if you have it with you in Jordan.

After the sunset, your guide will begin to prepare tea and dinner over the fire. You will spend the evening around the fire and learning about life in the desert. Once the sun fully sets, you will have a fantastic view of the starry desert sky.

There is no electricity in the desert, however we have lanterns and candles for the evening.  This makes for a real authentic Arabian Night!

Authentic Bedouin meals

All of our meals are cooked fresh with local, quality ingredients.

Our breakfast typically include eggs, cheese, jam, bread, fruit, and tea or coffee.  

Lunch is served during our tours and typically consists of cooked vegetables, salads, tuna, cheese, fruit, bread and tea.  Depending on the tour, a box lunch may be provided if there is no opportunity to cook.  

Dinner is served at the camp and may include chicken, Mansef (meat with rice on top of bread), Zarb, barbeque, rice, soup, vegetables, bread, fruit and tea or coffee.

Zarb is a local dish and is made in a unique Bedouin oven. It is constructed by digging a hole in the sand and building a fire inside.  Once the fire is burned down to the coals, the meat and vegetables are covered and placed over the embers.  Finally, the meat and vegetables are covered and buried in the sand and left to slow cook.  The result is a delicious, tender, juicy meat.  If you have any special dietary needs please notify us upon booking so arrangements can be made.